Expand your business beyond the borders


“Milano Eng. & P. Ltd.”is a firm founded on shared work experiences, acquired in both Bulgaria and Italy during the past few decades. We serve as a business partner providing consultancy and intermediation services and participating, with professionalism and passion, in the activities of firms that intend to enter the market in these two countries.
We help our customers to develop their business in line with their values, ideals, and goals.

Together to grow

We approach our customers’ business activities with enthusiasm. Thanks to our solid and flexible organizational structure, we effectively assist our business partners in markets we are very familiar with. We offer up-to-date services and cooperate with our customers so as to smoothly achieve their, and our, primary objective: success!

Italy in brief

Italy is a country of sixty million people with one of the biggest economies in the world and a dynamic national market, continually searching for products and services up to European quality standards – in a few words, the right place for you to expand your business and achieve higher standards!

Bulgaria in brief

Bulgaria is an EU-member country with a stable national economy, a currency (the Bulgarian lev – BGN) bound to the euro, an income tax amounting to 10% for all legal persons (both firms and individuals), 20% VAT, a fast bureaucracy, and production costs in the order of one-third as much as in Italy : in other words, Asian costs and European quality!